Kirakira Stars Idol Project AI / Nagisa / Reika (Collection) [2020] [Uncen] [VN] [ENG,JAP] H-Game

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Картинка Kirakira Stars Idol Project AI / Nagisa / Reika (Collection) [2020] [Uncen] [VN] [ENG,JAP] H-Game

Project Ai - #1 - The protagonist of "Nobuyuki Kinoshita", who for some reason was expelled from the ODA talent agency staff dorm and was at a loss, accidentally met his childhood friend "Ai Amane" .
Ai, having found out that "ODA talent agency" is looking for idols, makes the only decision.
"I'll be an idol singer!"
Project Nagisa - #2 - After their first live performance, Nobuyuki and Ai have a fateful encounter with the main idol, Nagisa Yukihiro.
Out of kindness, Miwako Nobuyuki and his friends attend a joint class with Uesugi Productions, a long established entertainment production company.
During joint classes with Nagisa, it was decided to hold an idol festival - DivaFes
Project Reika - #3 - After experience with DivaFes and Uesugi Produce. Ai and Nobuyuki have taken another step forward as idol producers. Just when they thought their normal life was about to begin again, they are about to meet new idols.

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