Exhibitionist Magical College Girl Christear [Ep.1-2] [JAP,ENG,RUS,CHI] Anime Hentai

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Картинка Exhibitionist Magical College Girl Christear [Ep.1-2] [JAP,ENG,RUS,CHI] Anime Hentai
Magical Exhibitionist College Girl Christea
Roshutsu-kei Mahou Joshidaisei Christhea

Description: The story of Minamori Touko, a shy 19-year-old girl who dreams of making friends and a boyfriend. However, Kokoha, her friend, who has offended her since childhood, interferes in her plans. Kokoha tells her that she is a magical girl and needs her help to defeat evil. It turns out that her abilities use a type of energy called "S-Energy", which arises from the emotions of shame experienced while committing lewd acts, but since Kokoha has been a bully all her life, she is able to generate a negligible amount of energy. In this regard, she decided to blackmail her "childhood friend" with the fact that if she does not help her, then she will reveal her personal secrets to the entire university. Touka becomes a magical girl against her will, she has to do many masochistic and exhibitionistic antics in order to generate a lot of energy.

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