Indecent Wife Hana [2022] [Uncen] [ADV, VN, NTR] [ENG] H-Game

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Картинка Indecent Wife Hana [2022] [Uncen] [ADV, VN, NTR] [ENG] H-Game

Description: Tatsuki is interested in his wife sleeping with other men.
At the request of a friend, Tatsuki allows Yuma, a young shy boy who is about to become a university student, to stay at his house.
Since Yuma's arrival, Tatsuki's wife Hana has treated him like a mother, which makes Tatsuki feel both jealous and sexually aroused at the same time.
When Hana finds out about her husband's fetish, she offers sex training to turn virgin Yuma into a decent man. However, Tatsuki is unable to attend the training due to a long business trip. However, Tatsuki agreed.
What does it mean to leave a beloved wife alone with a young man in your own home? Watch the mystery comedy to find out more.

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