How a Retired Strategist Saved the Country [2023] [Uncen] [SLG, Strategy] [ENG,RUS,JAP] H-Game

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Картинка How a Retired Strategist Saved the Country [2023] [Uncen] [SLG, Strategy] [ENG,RUS,JAP] H-Game

Description: A real-time strategy simulator in which you have to develop and manage your own country.
Get ready to be approached by a host of heroic characters, from brave elves to mighty monsters, each looking for your help. Take command of their armies and lead them to victory, or bring princesses from the devastated lands to reclaim their rightful thrones. The fate of these peoples is in your able hands, so make strategic decisions to determine their fate.

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If you have problems starting. Right click on the game folder, uncheck read-only
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  1. awsmir
    48 awsmir User 23 June 2023 20:14
    неужели мы не достойны чего то большего, чем плохой машинный перевод?

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