Lyndaria [2023] [Uncen] [ADV] [RUS,ENG] H-Game

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Картинка Lyndaria [2023] [Uncen] [ADV] [RUS,ENG] H-Game

Description: Linderia is a visual novel 18+ in the furry theme. This game is hot, interesting and high quality at the same time.
It has everything you need - a cool storyline full of exciting adventures, difficult decisions and unexpected twists.
And 18+ content is beautiful, elaborate and of course obscene😏
LINDERIA is a mystical island not marked on the maps.
It seems like heaven on earth. Pristine nature, stunning splendor, gentle waves washing sandy beaches and hot sun all year round.
Until the island was discovered by explorer Adam Grant, no human foot set foot on it.
But the world was not destined to learn about Linderia...
⠀The brave discoverer mysteriously disappeared.
Ten years later, his daughter May arrived on the island.
She is determined to find her father and will not stop at dangerous jungles and unfriendly tribes. Even vengeful spirits and an ancient curse hanging over the island will not interfere with her..
⁃ Meet different tribes. Among the short ones you will find true allies and irreconcilable enemies.
- Earn the favor of the mighty spirits who rule the island and keep a close eye on the stranger.
- Make difficult decisions and be prepared for their consequences. Each choice you make affects the ending of the story.
- Develop an arsenal of skills and abilities of the main character.
⠀What will your May be like? With whom will she have friendship, love or enmity? How she will act and how this story will end is up to you.

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Comments (6)

  1. Mrakobes_
    53 Mrakobes_ Superior 29 June 2023 23:37
    Жеесть , вот это оригинальный сюжет ... даже имена не стали менять
    но визуал как по мне тут лучше
    а вот сцены все так же для патронов, мех
    1. Alex_15
      147 Alex_15 Superior 30 June 2023 11:13
      Зачем придумывать своё,когда можно позаимствовать

      у других? well
      1. Corak Corak Someone 30 June 2023 15:02
        Угораешь ? они со своей старой игрухи взяли , а не у других
        1. Alex_15
          147 Alex_15 Superior 30 June 2023 16:14
          Хорошо,скажу по другому.Зачем придумывать что то новое,когда можно просто переделать старое )
          1. dear visitors
            3 dear visitors User 1 July 2023 15:46
            а как оригинал называется?
            1. vahhi15
              4 vahhi15 User 1 July 2023 17:58
              Forbidden Fruit

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