Perverted Relics de Dungeon Fuckfest!! 1 & 2 [2021] [Cen] [jRPG, NTR] [JAP] H-Game

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 Perverted Relics de Dungeon Fuckfest!! 1 & 2 [2021] [Cen] [jRPG, NTR] [JAP] H-Game

Description: Two episodes sold as a set!
Tonight you had a strange dream.
A vast dungeon with no enemies.
Mysterious items called "Shinki" are everywhere.
Powerful love potions and naughty bunny costumes are available, as well as items that promote bubbles.
You can also enjoy the items that can make you muscular, or even take away your intelligence and make you ignorant.
There are also powerful love potions, drinks that make you feel the urge to rape, and passports that allow you to enjoy a sister bowl... you name it!
You can bring back only one of these sacred artifacts to the real world.
Various endings branch off depending on the sacred artifact you bring back from the dream world.

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