Shin Koihime Ж Musou -Kakumei- Souten no Haou [2017] [Cen] [VN] [JAP,RUS] H-Game

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 артинка Shin Koihime Ж Musou -Kakumei- Souten no Haou [2017] [Cen] [VN] [JAP,RUS] H-Game

Description: Hongo Kazuto, 2-year student at the St.Francesca School.
When he opened his eyes, there was no usual road to school before him, but endless wild lands instead.
While his was trying to understand what happened, the flashy girl approached him.
She introduced herself as Sou Motoku and ordered him to cooperate with her army.
Sou Motoku? THAT SOU MOTOKU, the hero of the Three Kingdoms?
The world where all generals from the Three Kingdoms are girls. Whether Kazuto wants it or not, the Wheel of Fate is starting to turn.
The Wei Kingdom version of the Shin Koihime Ж Musou - Kakumei series. The Kakumei series aim to deepen the story of Wei, Wu and Shu in a restart from zero with new scenes and stories for existing and new heroines routes. 24 new characters for a total of 73 heroines, over 200 CGs, more historical battles from the Three Kingdoms and battle system reworked.

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  1. ќлег —толбуник
    7 ќлег —толбуник User 10 October 2023 19:34
    ’м интересно , а как еЄ запустить?
  2. bookspled
    81 bookspled User 7 July 2023 11:57
    огромное спасибо тем кто переводит такие игры на русских вы герои побольше бы таких людей

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