Onigokko! / Onigokko! Fandisc [2015] [Uncen] [VN] [JAP,ENG] H-Game

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 Onigokko! / Onigokko! Fandisc [2015] [Uncen] [VN] [JAP,ENG] H-Game

Description: A long time ago, the Oni (demons) collected many treasures on the island known as Onigashima, and Momotaru, along with his three friends, came there to defeat them and retrieve the treasures. Now the thief of Ur has appeared, who is said to be a descendant of Oni, and who steals all the treasures.
His real name is Keisuke, the protagonist of this story. However, someone else impersonating him sent a notification, and he wonders who it is. But soon his secret is revealed: the descendants of Momotaru, Kintaru, Issun-bushi and Otohime also study at Onigashima Gakuen. This is how the modern fairy tale is born.
Onigokko! Fandisc
Onigokko is back! This is an official fandisc, or a short sequel to Onigokko! It features even more stories featuring your favorite characters and even five new routes featuring some of the characters you wanted to see more of in the first game! More laughs, more adventures, more fun with Onigokko's old friends! and of course more H-scenes!

Add. information:
If you have problems launching, move the game to drive C.
Remove the read-only attribute from the folder properties. Delete the save folder.
Run the game as Administrator.

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