Sexy Chronicles of Demon Queen Melissa [2016] [Uncen] [jRPG] [ENG] H-Game

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Картинка Sexy Chronicles of Demon Queen Melissa [2016] [Uncen] [jRPG] [ENG] H-Game

Description: Kingdom. Another routine day. Nothing foreshadowed trouble until a crowd of angry monsters burst into the throne room. Having arranged a dick-pocalypse in the holes of the flat-chested queen, the possessed have already begun to celebrate the victory. But it wasn’t there, who knew that in addition to smoothing out wrinkles, sperm gives our heroine a hell of a power. In the morning, the investigation showed that the attackers were killed with particular cruelty, and their members were squeezed out without a trace.
This is where our adventures begin. You, the young queen, decide to look into the situation and deliver a preemptive strike to the offenders! No member shall go unpunished.
Without much thought, you assemble a team of hunters for members and go on the warpath. The nearest village comes first in line. But it wasn't there, give the dirty peasants assorted outfits, perversion and other aesthetics, so you have to work hard to get to members of all ages and sizes! In addition, a succubus and a nun with caring tits are already operating in the city.

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    Как сохраняться? Нету букав.

    Разобрался. 5-й ряд 1-й столбек- сохраняться, второй ряд пятого столба - загружать сейвы. Пришлось пожертвовать 5 минут, чтоб это понять...
  4. Firion
    31 Firion Superior 25 June 2017 16:46
    перевод будет?
  5. Safiliciya1986 Safiliciya1986 Someone 24 June 2017 15:32
    Чтот не сейвица (
  6. LeonOfDeath LeonOfDeath Someone 24 June 2017 00:27
    MikeyRus, первый ряд, второй пункт слева, 2 раза на героя который нужен
  7. MikeyRus MikeyRus Someone 10 October 2016 20:45
    Кто понял как менять персов
  8. Vanes01
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    Блин вообще нет никаких букв

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