Mod Loader 12 / SuperDeepThroat (v2.22.2h) [2021] [Uncen] [Animation] [ENG] H-Game

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Картинка Mod Loader 12 / SuperDeepThroat (v2.22.2h)  [2021] [Uncen] [Animation] [ENG] H-Game

Description: New version of the game with improvements and launcher under Chome to speed up the game. This version combines both story dialogues (in the Story folder) with options for passing and choosing a plot and scenery, and a regular collection of anime girls (in the Character folder). All the girls were divided into two folders, since when the game starts, mods are loaded in the form of green inscriptions in the upper right corner of the screen and with a large number of girls in the Mods root folder, mods will not be loaded due to the large number of Thumb.png that need to be shown on the screen. You can also move the girls in folders and create your own folders, as the program will automatically create a new path for them itself, but only if you run games through SDTL2.exe and in the normal SWF version you need to edit the CharacterFolders.txt files for this.

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Comments (25)

  1. lenichcn
    1 lenichcn User 4 August 2023 14:42
    Невозможно открыть, показать, что: версия Flash слишком низкая, вся картина скрыта, я просто не могу играть
  2. crusis_mp crusis_mp Someone 28 July 2022 23:14
  3. uiuiu uiuiu Someone 28 March 2022 10:23
    народ, как моды ставить?
  4. Даркон Даркон Someone 8 November 2021 18:43
    Дайте раздачу
  5. monster21 monster21 Someone 26 October 2021 00:34
  6. Camper01Rus
    22 Camper01Rus User 24 August 2021 17:27
    Controls in the game:
    1 - Change clothes and backdrop
    4 - Open or Close Eyes
    5 - Control eyes
    6 - Stick out your tongue
    7 - Tears
    8 - Eternal Semen
    9 - Penis Control
    0 - Semen Generator
    E - Remove all sperm and drool
    Z - Hold Your Head
    R - Increase Pleasure
    F - Decrease the pleasure
    F1 - Makes the girl vomit
    F2 - Displays or removes the Characters submenu
    F3 - Load position (all positions are in the Settings*animtools_positions folder)
    F4 - Toggles between full screen and window
    F5 - Reload the game
    F6 - Shows the menu again if you have enabled the Keys button in the Loader game menu
    F8 - Standard Position
    F9 - Fuck head position
    F11 - Select random position
    * - Select the next girl
    / - Select the previous girl
    Page Up - Increase the girl
    Page Down - Decrease the girl
    Home - Raise the man
    End - Lower the girl
    Insert - Raise the girl
    Delete - Lower the girl
  7. Attila
    2 Attila User 11 April 2021 14:52
    Игра качественная повеселиться есть с чем, но есть один большой нет ОГРОМНЫЙ минус это оптимизация если быть точнее её здесь вобще нет у меня не такой уж и слабый пк но всё равно умудряется лагать. Надеюсь что когда-нибудь её сюда добавят.

  8. Droshik Droshik Someone 25 February 2021 18:26
    Можно на пк игру скачать? У меня просто пустой файл ******ся.
  9. Anon Anon Someone 27 January 2021 23:38
    как мини игры запускать?
  10. What_to_bred What_to_bred Someone 27 January 2021 17:46
    Помню в SuperDeepThroat пытались сделать секс-мод, вот только он некорректно работал

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