Hime-sama Love Life [Ep.1-4] [JAP,ENG,RUS] Anime Hentai

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Картинка Hime-sama Love Life  [Ep.1-4] [JAP,ENG,RUS] Anime Hentai
Hime-sama Love Life

Description: Due to his father's new job, Yahiro-kun was forced to move with his sister Io-chan to a new apartment. They quickly adapted to the new home and began to get used to independent living. However, shortly after enrolling in the academy, Yahiro noticed a strange large truck in front of his house. Io-chan's things had already arrived long ago and he wondered what was going on there. Climbing up the stairs and in fear that there might be a burglar in the unlocked room, Yahiro slowly began to open the door. There he met a half-naked girl, dressed only in underwear, zealously pushing a heavy piano. Seeing our hero, the girl screamed and forced him to come out. A little later, she put on a beautiful dress and went out to say hello. Her name was Ruriya Fondina and she was the princess of one of the island states. The girl has arrived to live with our hero. Soon other "princesses" began to appear at Yahiro's door...

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  1. yoshinon2102 yoshinon2102 Someone 26 January 2021 09:27
    А есть в 720р?
  2. salimfaqirov salimfaqirov Someone 7 October 2020 02:30
    За 770 мб все 4 серии скачиваются?
  3. basshshw basshshw Someone 8 March 2020 19:35
    Отличный хентай, посмотреть стоит!
  4. mrMangooo
    36 mrMangooo Hentai Guru 23 September 2019 00:42
    хех сразу вспомнил старую добрую хентайку только принцесса !)

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