Trinity dungeon ~Succubus, girls and erotic dungeon~ [Ep.1] [JAP] [720p] Anime Hentai

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Картинка Trinity dungeon ~Succubus, girls and erotic dungeon~ [Ep.1] [JAP] [720p] Anime Hentai
Trinity dungeon ~Succubus, girls and erotic dungeon~ The motion anime
トリニティダンジョン ~淫魔と少女とエッチな迷宮~ The motion anime

Description: This work is a video work. PC game of doujin circle "Diesel Mine", "Trinity Dungeon-Incubus, Girl and Naughty Labyrinth-" has been made into a motion animation! !! Three fledgling adventurer girls rush through various dungeons! What awaits you are tentacles, slime, futanari, and even lewd crests! Each of the three distinctive people captures a dungeon full of erotic traps! Three fledgling adventurer girls break the seal of the demon queen, The queen's play has given her a chemo-mimi, a futanari, and a lewd crest, respectively. The girls capture various dungeons while making full use of their characteristics, aiming to subdue the queen.
■ Story
Three girls who became adventurers in search of hidden treasures and unexplored lands, and one day challenged the undeveloped ancient ruins. In fact, it was a castle where the devil who once made a name for himself in the world was sealed. The girls who inadvertently break the seal at the back, going on without any obstacles. The three challenge the Queen, but they return and meet with a vengeance ... After the Queen uses magic to curse each of the girls "If you can't beat me, magic will be activated and you will gradually become a complete servant whose thoughts and actions are subordinate to me." And throw the three out of the castle. Can the three cursed people capture the dungeon full of erotic traps and defeat the Queen safely ...?

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