The Survival of Sarah Rose [2022] [Uncen] [ADV] [ENG] H-Game

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Картинка The Survival of Sarah Rose [2022] [Uncen] [ADV] [ENG] H-Game

Description: The Survival of Sarah Rose is an epic-fantasy erotic visual novel, following the life of the eldest daughter of the royal Rose family. When tragedy strikes, Sarah finds her once safe and stable life thrown into chaos.
Playing as Sarah, you must make the decisions that will keep her safe (or not) in a world where danger is everywhere. TSSR features both an impactful choice system that sees radically different storylines depending on player choices, as well as features a meta-story that rewards players exploring every available path.
Will Sarah fall deeper into despair or will she survive the many challenges ahead?​

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Comments (4)

  1. dontfuckme
    12 dontfuckme User 14 March 2023 11:11
    Перевод завезли anime_82
    1. Gab_EnChiK_
      75 Gab_EnChiK_ Hentai Guru 16 March 2023 19:51
      в каком месте?)
  2. rainwors17 rainwors17 Someone 25 September 2022 13:20
    Выглядит интересно. Осталось дожить до полной версии и перевода)
    1. Vanes01
      49 Vanes01 Hentai Guru 9 March 2023 21:00
      Ну полной версии я бы еще года 2-3 не ждал, обычно разрабы делающие деньги на patreon не спешат заканчивать проекты, месяцами добавляя по небольшому контенту меняя цифру релиза образно говоря с на, тут цель не закончить проект а собрать побольше бабла и винить их не в чем каждый зарабатывает как может.

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