Custom Tamago [2022] [Cen] [SLG, Animation, DOT/Pixel] [ENG,JAP,KOR] H-Game

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Картинка Custom Tamago [2022] [Cen] [SLG, Animation, DOT/Pixel] [ENG,JAP,KOR] H-Game

Description: In Tamago World, anyone can create and customize their own Tamago! Try to make it and save! And once the tamago hatches, that's when the real fun begins!
* Customize
You can customize many details such as height, body shape, skin color, chest size, eyes, mouth, ears, hairstyle and hair color.
The selected tamago body also shows feelings during sex.
* Monitor status
Energy, hunger, thirst and happiness - everything can end. Exercise, study and have sex to improve your strength, intelligence and sex appeal.
* Earn money
You can make tamago work or sell unfertilized eggs.
* Buy goods
The store has food and drinks, as well as documents on increasing customization details. And there is also a gacha of tamago costumes.
* Play Azat game
You can play card games in the casino for the selected bet.
* Choose poses
You can have sex with a tamago in the specified position depending on the parameters of strength, intelligence, attractiveness and proximity.
* NPCs
There are two NPCs in the world of Tamago, and if you meet certain conditions, you can get a special scene.

The game is a Tamagotchi: we customize the appearance of girls, train them, earn money and have sex. There is no end goal.
To open scenes with NPCs:
Dealer - win games until you get both cards right (Titjob)
Pixie - Sell 5 Tamago (Footjob)

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  1. CBAbODA CBAbODA Someone 30 October 2022 02:54
    Хорошая задумка ждём контент и больше прокачки
  2. Red Capcha
    59 Red Capcha Hentai Guru 29 October 2022 17:35
    Вот сюда нужен перевод

    1. xbika82 xbika82 Someone 29 October 2022 19:39
      да где его взять то?
  3. ShadowOfMonolith
    221 ShadowOfMonolith Hentai Sage 29 October 2022 00:24
    прикольня игруха) играл давненько с другого сайта

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