I want to punish the yankee JK who always bullies me [2022] [Cen] [SLG] [JAP] H-Game

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Картинка I want to punish the yankee JK who always bullies me [2022] [Cen] [SLG] [JAP] H-Game

Description: Dress-up x touch is a touching game.
The protagonist captures Koharu Watase, a yankee who always bullies her, in a physical education warehouse, and tries to make her submit by touching her. Hearts are generated by rubbing each part. By clicking on the heart, you will get a pleasure meter and heart points. Use the acquired heart points to unlock new touches, jackets, and underwear, and touch them with various costumes.
The game is divided into Part1 and Part2. Each is an independent startup file. There is an image usage limit for game production software (about 50,000 images), and since it's approaching that limit, I divided it into two parts. The 72-frame animation is divided into parts, costumes, facial expressions, etc., and moved at the same time, so there are a lot of pages.
Touch in Part 1 to earn hearts and unlock.
Part 2 is in the form of sex main.
uniform, nurse costume, maid costume, tennis wear, bunny girl, transparent sailor, naked apron, gym suit, reverse bunny
Regular white underwear, underwear with red breasts, sportswear, micro bikinis, leotards, see-through underwear, string swimsuits, school swimsuits, garter underwear, underwear with open breasts, camisoles, baby dolls
◆ How to knead Part 1
how to rub breasts
Rub, play, lick, suck, push, pull, rotor, vacuum
Crotch massage
Massage, play, lick, suck, electric massager, rotor, vacuum, syringe, fingering, dildo
◆ How to rub Part2 (there are few ways to rub for sex purposes)
how to rub breasts: rub, lick
crotch massage: rub, lick, insert
This game is conscious of the narrative, so I created the illustrations and the ending. Also, if you clear both Part 1 and 2, you can unlock unlimited rubbing.
* For Part 1, we have implemented an automatic kneading mode. Rather than clearing the game, I aimed to create a dress-up eroge where you can enjoy various combinations of costumes. For that reason, I implemented it so that you can automatically rub the right breast in auto mode and rub the left breast yourself, or automatically rub the crotch area and appreciate it.
Change resolution
Z-key: 1200 x 1000 / X-key: 1080x900 / C key: 960 x 800 / V-key: 840 x 700 / B key: 720 x 600
DirectX11 required.

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  1. Lawliet
    62 Lawliet Hentai Guru 2 December 2022 17:09
    Кто не понял, что нужно делать, нажимайте не появляющиеся сердечки.
  2. Vladyan28
    84 Vladyan28 Hentai Guru 2 December 2022 07:18
    спустя не сколько дней игры понял что делать и как играть
  3. Vladyan28
    84 Vladyan28 Hentai Guru 30 November 2022 18:35
    и как в эту игру играть? ни чего не понял постоянно гейм овер

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